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Fees for first year Belize company:
  • Agent fee and Government fee HK$9,800 (around US$1,300)

      Prepare memorandum & articles of association
      Apply certificate of incorporation
      Prepare minute book, share Certificate, statutory Register
      Prepare common seal
      Prepare company rubber stamp
      Registered agent and registered office
      Open of bank account at HSBC
      Prepare certificate of incumbency for HSBC

  • There is a separate fee of HK$11,000 payable to HSBC for opening of a company bank account.

  • There is a separate fee of HK$1,170 payable to the Belize registered agent for certificate of incumbency.
Fees for second year onwards:
  • Agent fee and Government fee HK$9,800 (around US$1,300).

  • For companies incorporated between January to December, they have to be renewed in April.

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