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Business Startup Checklist
A checklist for running your business from day 1 to the end of first year.
  • First 30 days

    • Affix a nameplate to the outside of every place of business
    • Obtain business registration certificate or other license(s)
    • Obtain labour insurance
    • Post the business registration certificate and labour insurance certificate up in a conspicuous place of business.
    • Select an accountant
    • Select an auditor
    • Select a lawyer
    • Select a MPF Service Provider
    • Open bank accounts
    • Order business cards and letterhead
    • Prepare a business plan
    • Pick a year end date

  • First 60 days

    • Establish a presence on the Internet
    • Join a professional organization
    • Contact suppliers

  • By First Year End

    • Obtain financing
    • Establish a line of credit