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Learn About Incorporating > Incorporating FAQ > What Should I Name My Company?

Choose the name of your company carefully. It is very important that you portray the image you want for your new company. You are also required to avoid using any company name which may be too similar to any existing company or trademark.

A company name can be in English, in Chinese, or both in English and Chinese.

In cases where the liability of members is limited, whether limited by shares or guarantee, the name must end with "Limited".

A proposed company name cannot be the same as any of the existing name registered at the Companies Registry. For example, each group of company name below is considered the same:

Group AGroup B
Woodland Ltd
Woodland Limited
Woodland Co Ltd
Woodland Company Limited
Woodland and Company Limited
Woodland & Co Ltd
fireland limited
Fire-land Limited
f.i.r.e. land Limited
Group CGroup D
Riverside Hong Kong Limited
Riverside HK Limited
Riverside Hongkong Limited
Riverside (Hongkong) Limited
Riverside (HK) Limited
Metal and Company Limited
Metal & Company Limited

You can do a free online company name search at ICRIS to make sure your proposed name is available.